Slow fashion

In times when everything has to go fast, we try to shift down a gear - with our slow fashion concept we try to do something good for our world. You help us place sustainability in the foreground and reduce mass production.

Extended lifespan.

Our sole replacement service offers your beloved Kuvet shoes a chance for a new chapter. By choosing to re-sole your Kuvet shoes, you not only extend the life of your footwear but also contribute to a more eco-conscious approach to fashion.

On-demand production

Even with the packaging, we give great importance to details. Only sustainable materials such as cardboard and fabric are used to protect the shoes during shipment.

Leather Working Group

For our Kuvet shoes, bags and belts we only use the best materials from European manufacturers. The leather we use comes from cowhides that are exclusively a by-product of the meat industry. All of the tanneries we work with are certified by the Leather Working Group.

Take responsibility

We all love to shop and wear new things, but often don't think about the manufacturing process. With our setup we are trying to change the way you shop. Mass production in the footwear and fashion industries has a major impact on our environment. By producing only the quantities that are actually going to be used, we take a big step in environment protection while still enabling you to look fashionable.

On-demand production

Are you wondering what on-demand production actually is in contrast to traditional shopping? It's our pleasure to explain the difference to you.

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