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We like to say that the head of our brand is located at the tri-border of Switzerland, Germany and France, where it was founded. This is where the first ideas and designs were born. Our heart is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is where our shoes are made from the highest quality natural materials. From our own manufactory, they travelled to the farthest corners of the world and made many customers happy. P.S. You can find our collection of men's shoes at Lovidovi Shoes.

From our manufactory directly to your doorstep

‘’Our small factory is located in our home country of Bosnia-Herzegovina, where there is a long tradition of shoemaking that has existed for generations. Through the use of social media and e-commerce, we can eliminate the middleman and bring our shoe masters closer to you.” - Ana and Bojan, founders

Specially for you

All of our shoes are made to order. After your order, the shoe will be handcrafted specially for you and delivered to your address within approx. 20-25 working days. With such a setup we reduce waste and help the environment.

On-demand production

With socially responsible production, transparent working conditions and environmentally friendly natural materials, we create stylish shoes of the highest quality.

A special experience.

The only thing that inspires us more than our products are the people who wear them. Whether you have a question, a comment or a special request, our team is there for you!
Whatsapp: (+49) 1525 100 94 29

E-Mail: support@kuvet.eu